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Hart Brown

Hart Brown is the CEO of Future Point of View (FPOV), a ​global consulting firm focused on creating strategies for a ​digitally enhanced future. He is an author, technologist, ​futurist, executive and a widely sought after speaker. His ​dynamic, engaging, thought provoking, and entertaining ​presentations include live demonstrations and audience ​participation with unique collaboration tools called, ​Immersyv.

He remains a trusted advisor to some of the largest ​companies in the world and over 50 governments in the ​areas of artificial intelligence (AI), digital communications, ​quantum computing, and internet of things (IoT).

Over the past 25 years, Hart has focused on creating ​new revenue streams, increasing efficiency, amplifying ​profits, developing new innovations, and managing ​disruption by predicting what the future holds over 3-​to-50-year periods of time.



Mitigating Risk and


Profit in

a Chaotic World

A must read book to understand changes, challenges and technology over the next 10 years.

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Future Forecasting

Mitigating risk and increasing profit in a chaotic world

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Artificial Intelligence & The Human Paradox

Can technology make us more human?

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Deepfake Technology

What is the technology behind it and how to solve a digital trust gap

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State of Humalogy

The personal and digital interface and how to improve your personal and digital wellness

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Artificial Intelligence: Threats and Opportunities

How to balance the enormous opportunity and the the AI risk to be successul

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The outlook of technology over the next 10 years and beyond

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Solving Big Problems in Critical Times

Navigate challenging moments and turn toward opportunity.

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Emerging Technology and a Seemingly Chaotic World

What disruptions are next and what do we do about it?

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Future Forecasting

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Future Forecasting

The Game

2023 FPOV Humalogy

Trends Report

Online and Under Attack

With John Farley



Your keynote presentation was perfect! Our audience was very diverse, some know a lot about technology and some are not knowledgable at all. Thank you for being able to reach everyone at the conference.

I have never seen anyone break down these complicated subjects as well as you do. I now really feel like I understand what is happening and what will happen over the next 10 years.

Hart Brown was awesome! Definitely the hit of our summit. We had so many good reviews about his keynote address. Hart blew everyone away with future talk.

The reviews for Hart’s presentation were stellar. On numerous occasions I heard the words ‘Wow! I had no idea…..’ and ‘Man! He was great!’

Thank you so much for tailoring the information specifically for our event. Everyone keeps talking about the keynote and is exactly what we were hoping for. Everyone in our association needs to be better prepared for the futue.

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An uncertain future is not necessarily something negative. Of course, there will be circumstances which can create difficulties, but there is also hope and opportunities if you know where to look. This is where forecasting can play an important role.”

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